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Image Bali International (IBI) Sourcing Agent is surely the right answer for your need of sourcing and supplying goods for your company’s operational activities. As this company has been around for almost two decades, IBI Sourcing Agent comprehends that quality is the main key for all products that it supplies to all clients who need to purchase goods from suppliers throughout Bali and Indonesia, in general.

Basically, it is a compulsory for each customer in choosing the proper sourcing agent so that there will be no failure for their import projects. IBI Sourcing Agent will provide the best service and products to all customers because this is the main weapon for this company to keep the good reputation which has been built throughout these years.

So, if you are new business owners, and you still have to find the best features of IBI Sourcing Agent, then you might want to read Frequently Asked Questions from customers of IBI Sourcing Agent.

1. What kinds of sourcing services can IBI Sourcing Agent provide?

IBI Sourcing Agent can provide comfort for clients as they don’t have to find best manufacturers. Moreover, manufacturers don’t have to find as many clients as possible as this agent has done them all. IBI Sourcing Agent is able in demonstrating capability in managing clients’ projects by 'end-to-end'. IBI Sourcing Agent will surely save their time in agents coordinating, companies inspecting, and so forth.

2. What products that IBI Sourcing Agent can source?

IBI Sourcing Agent is the specialist in providing top notch products from Bali and Indonesia like handicrafts, natural stones, carvings, metal fabrication, furniture and building materials. IBI Sourcing Agent has sch systematic approach for managing any project from clients. Such system will be very important because it requires certain knowledge of products which are needed by clients.

3. Is the price that I get will be the best price?

IBI Sourcing Agent provides reasonable prices and we don’t give too cheap prices as they will come up with quality. There is no such way that very low priced products have such high quality. We provide value for fair market so that all clients will have such peace of mind that clients will not being over charged.

4. How long has IBI Sourcing Agent worked in the trademarket of international clients?

We have established this business since 1997. Experience really can count for in terms of exporting and importing. We have been supplying and sourcing several products of Bali and Indonesia manufacturers for several countries in the world and we have been experienced for keeping customers’ satisfaction so far. We don’t compromise on quality and we really wish to keep our reputation in good manner.

5. How can I start to choose good sourcing agent?

IBI Sourcing Agent has been very reliable when it comes to providing the best goods for our clients. So, it will be very wise for new business owners to choose IBI Sourcing Agent for saving their time and money only for searching the products like handicrafts, natural stones, carvings, furniture, building materials and even metal fabrication from Bali and Indonesia.

Send us a sourcing request
Please try to make your request as specific as possible in order for us to give you the best answer. When submitting your request please try and keep in mind the questions below:
•    Do you have product specifications?
•    What is the quantity?
•    What is your timeline?
•    What is your target price?

Contact us if you are:
•    Looking for Bali - Indonesia low cost sub contract manufacturing services;
•    Wishing to buy products from Indonesia manufacturers but lack of Indonesia sourcing experiences;
•    Searching for reliable Indonesia manufacturers;
•    Wanting to know if your Indonesia suppliers are reliable and if your product quality is under control in their factory;
•    Finding a right people or a right company to handle your sourcing businesses in Indonesia;
•    Encountering quality problems with your Indonesia suppliers and need someone to control product quality in Indonesia;
•    Setting up your own sourcing representative office in Indonesia;
•    Developing new products; etc.

We are your right choice!

Product Services

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